Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for someone special on your gift giving list, these wellness items are certain to be appreciated. From workout gear to at home relaxation and self care ideas, you’re sure to find inspiration from this collection of wellness gifts.

Wrist And Ankle Weights
Who doesn’t love a new set of wearable weights as motivation to exercise? Even if it’s too cold or the weather isn’t cooperating, you can wear these weights around the house and still get benefits. Plus, they’re great for people who are just starting out and aren’t sure about lifting weights. This set will ease them into the idea.

Wake Up Clock
Forget being jarred out of your slumber by a screeching alarm and instead, let yourself wake naturally with the help of this beside wakeup light. As the light gradually intensifies, it helps your body acclimate to the morning without harsh noises and bright lights.

Runners Pack
If your gift receipt is a runner or power-walker, or maybe even a cyclist, this waist pack will certainly be appreciated. It features a rechargeable reflective light when out in the dark, so others on the road or trail can see you/ It also has a zippered section for your phone and a hook for a water bottle. It’s wearable technology that can keep you safe.

Motivational Bottle
Even the most motivated person can use a little encouragement to keep going, especially when it comes to staying hydrated. This 64 oz water bottle features markers and sayings to remind you to keep sipping, all throughout the day, to reach your optimum water intake. It’s a clever way to make you want to throw open the top and take a swig.

Portable Humidifier
Keeping yourself hydrated is important, not only with the water you drink but with the air you breathe. Indoor heating sources are known to dry out the air which can lead to even more dehydration for your body and your skin. Use this small portable humidifier in your bedroom at night or next to your workplace desk, at home or at the office to rehydrate the air around you.

Foam Roller
Perfect for using any time of the year, but great for when the weather is too cold or wet to stretch in the outdoors, this foam roller is a handy and gentle tool for warming up and stretching muscles. It’s available in different sizes to suit your needs.

Meditation Pillow
This handy round elevated pillow made with buckwheat hulls is perfect for a meditation session or when you’re working on a project on the floor. It’s a cushy way to remind you to check your posture and give you a softer place to sit. The zipped cover is washable.

Waffle Robe
Made of 100% Turkish cotton, this waffle robe will give the experience of a spa day at home. After you pamper yourself with a soaking bath or steamy shower, relax in this waffle-textured highly absorbent robe. This is also a great item to keep on hand for house guests.