When you can’t decide on one specific gift for the foodie in your life, consider a sampler set. Here, you’ll find a range of ideas from oils to seasonings and from jams to coffee. Make your shopping easy this year with these gift set ideas.

Infused Salt Sampler
Gourmet cooking salts can up-level a dish with just a sprinkle of this infused spice. Sea salts are flavored with chipotle, pepper, garlic, rosemary and more in this thoughtful gift for your favorite cook. The sampler comes with 6 different salt variations, all encased in reusable tin boxes, complete with a little wooden spoon for measuring.

Preserves Collection
Food gifting goes British with this 4-piece collection of fruity preserves including lemon curd, ginger, strawberry and peach flavors. Perfect for topping pancakes, waffles, toast, muffins and more. It’s a sweet gift that any foodie would love.

Infused Olive Oils
Use a different flavored olive oil for your dishes with this sampler set. The flavors range from garlic, bacon, oregano, jalapeno, chili, basil and blood orange. Each bottle is a different shape and size. They’re perfect for cooking with or using in salad dressings, pasta or marinades.

Kitchen Gadget Set
Perfect as a stocking stuffer for your foodie, this interlocked handled kitchen gadget set includes a vegetable peeler, pizza cutter, cheese grater, garlic grinder, and bottle opener. It’s all held together with a removable locking ring, perfect for clutter-free storing.

Breakfast Set
Stonewall Kitchen is known for curating delicious sets and here, breakfast is featured. The set includes their pancake and waffle mix, maple syrup and blueberry jam. It’s all packaged in a pine breakfast box which includes a pine tea towel, too.

Spice Blends Seasoning Set
Six magnetic tins hold non-GMO International spice blends and salts from regions such as Morocco, Greece, Tuscany, Thailand, Jamaica and Cajun-inspired flavors. Create gourmet dishes with these delicious blends.

Edible Flowers Growing Set
For the adventurous cook and gardener, this edible flower growing set will certainly be appreciated. It features non-GMO heirloom seeds of cornflower, marigold, shasta daisy, and viola tricolor. It also includes burlap pots, planting soil, markers, trimmers and more. Perfect for inside gardening or a small space like a patio or porch.

Organic Coffee Beans Sampler
This organic whole bean coffee sampler is perfect for those who are powered by caffeine and love to brew their own cup. This gourmet coffee set includes Sumatra, Peru, Guatemalan, Colombian, Espresso and Good Morning blends. It comes with a large burlap gift bag ready for gifting.