If you’re thinking of hosting a family and friends event this season, here are a few autumn-inspired ideas to consider.


Applefest Party

This party theme would include all things apple. From caramel apple decorating to party food, this theme is one that the whole family can enjoy. Include savory and sweet dishes as well as beverages that include apples. Make sure and have plenty of games to play that involve apples, such as an apple balance race, apple toss contest, an apple scavenger hunt to find different varieties of hidden apples, to a good old fashioned apple bobbing contest.


Costume Party

Kids as well as adults love dressing up in costumes, so be sure and have several categories available to award prizes. Categories could be superheroes, book character, movie character, most creative, best duo, cutest, creepiest, funniest, etc. Be sure and decorate your venue for appropriate family fun scare factor. Don’t forget the mood music, so choose your playlist ahead of time. Make sure you have delicious Halloween-themed food and treats available as well as kid-friendly beverages, too!


Pumpkin Carving Party

Who doesn’t love pumpkins? This is a great theme which not only involves carving pumpkins, but is the perfect excuse to make all sorts of yummy treats and beverages that include this delicious ingredient. What could be better? A twist on this theme is to have a non-carving pumpkin decorating and painting party. There are so many ways to decorate a pumpkin, so have all sorts of crafty items available for decorating options.


Backyard Movie and Campfire Night

Clearly, s’mores is on the menu for this fun theme, but choose a family-friendly movie or two to watch while indulging in this campfire treat. Make it a full night and cook out burgers and hot dogs, too, and enjoy an easy night together under the stars.


Sweater Weather Potluck Dinner Party

Here’s an excuse to have a fall dinner party with a specific dress code. Guests should wear a sweater that’s in the color palette of autumn. Reds, oranges, browns, golds, and greens are all great choices. They can be solid or patterned. You can make it into an ugly fall-themed sweater party or just keep it casual. Make it a potluck dinner and also require fall-themed food and desserts, such as chili, soups, stews, with ingredients like butternut squash, turkey, apple and pumpkin. The idea here is to get together for fall-themed food, but to require a fun dress code.


Chili Cook-Off

If you have space for several people to make chili at the party, awesome! Otherwise, make it a potluck style party with those in the cook-off contest bringing their (possibly) award-winning chili to the buffet. Be sure and supply all the delicious side items and toppings that folks might want, along with adult beverages as well as kid-friendly drinks for the occasion.


Harvest Pie Tasting Party

Host a party where you and your guests bring their best harvest and fall themed pies to the table. Think pumpkin, pecan, walnut, apple, caramel-inspired, pear, mincemeat, sweet potato, butterscotch raisin, chai, maple, cinnamon and more. If you have an expert pie baker in your group, maybe they want to share their secrets or do a demonstration to kick off the party before you get to the fun part – tasting! Be sure and have a beverage and coffee bar set up, too.