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Wife to my amazing husband, Shane, mom to 2 beautiful daughters, real estate and small business marketing firm owner, content creator, lover of Mexican food, local travel, the beach and giving to others.

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Leverage · Life Hacks

I am a firm believer in leverage. From grocery shopping, Amazon Prime, tele-health doctors appointments, Zoom calls…if it can save me time and have the same outcome, SIGN ME UP!

I love a good belly-to-belly connection with someone, but as busy as we all are, it’s important to know when that’s important, and when leverage comes into play.

Fashion · Shopping

Disclaimer: I am 100% not a fashion blogger or model.

Now that we’ve got that understanding out of the way, the amount of times I hear “OMG! Where did you get that?!” in reference to a dress, pair of pants, shoes, handbag, accessory or other piece of an outfit I’m wearing, I wanted a hub for y’all to easily access the almost-forty-year-old-busy-mom-gained-Covid-weight things I’m wearing.

Recipes · Home Decor

Nothing makes me happier than feeling comfortable in my own home. Well, maybe a fresh cup of coffee.

Hold the trinkets for a clean space. ‘Clear space, clear mind…’

Gold accents, wallpaper and convenient coffee nook – YES, please!

My style is somewhere between organized and less knick-knacky modern farmhouse meets grandmillenial coastal vibes.

Programs · Systems

As an experienced business owner, I have come across many different programs, systems and resources to make your business flow better.

In addition, I coach many of my clients in an effort to help them achieve their dreams.

Typically, we discuss marketing however, there are many lavers that we peel back in order to get there.

Owning a business is no easy feat. We’re all in this together. It take a village.

I love meeting new people… Let’s chat!